Tena Ko, Tena Koutou, Welcome.

800km east of New Zealand awaits the holiday experience of a lifetime.

The Chatham Islands: Rekohu / Wharekauri

Experience stunning scenery, cultural treasures, intriguing history, relaxed lifestyles, seafood bounties, a wide range of outdoors activities and of course, that well-known warm and friendly welcome that the locals extend to our visitors. These magical islands sit astride the legendary Roaring Forties and are surrounded by the pristine and unspoiled waters of the Southern Pacific Ocean. The natural beauty and the unique and spiritual energy of these islands are the perfect setting for a holiday full of laughter, adventure, discovery and relaxation.

You’ll find everything you need to plan your next trip to the Chathams right here, from accommodation options to the endless array of activities and attractions on offer. We know that your Chatham Islands holiday will be a journey of discovery. You’ll be pleasantly surprised at what you learn, see and discover as these mysterious islands open up their secrets to you.

Nothing beats a Chatham Islands holiday and it’s so close to home! 

  • We are your domestic New Zealand island-holiday destination.
  • No passports or money exchange required
  • Only around 2 hours to get here
  • Long white sandy beaches – and no crowds
  • Dine on sustainably-harvested, premium, fresh seafood every day if you wish
  • Experience for yourself the astounding range of rare and endemic plants and birds 
  • Capture the perfect picture in this photographer’s paradise
  • Fish in the middle of one of the richest fishing grounds in the world.
  • Hunt, Chatham Island style.                                         
  • A Geologist’s paradise. From volcanic cones and basalt outcrops to Chatham schist and 90 million year old fossils.
  • Rich and colourful history
  • Unique and resilient cultural heritage

Nothing beats a Chatham Islands holiday and it’s so close to home! 


Spectacular scenery, from rolling pastures, to towering cliffs and rugged coastlines, we’ve got it all. The first inhabited place in the world to welcome each new day.

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  • Eating & Drinking

    Welcome to a seafood paradise, where fresh, premium kaimoana is available nearly every day. Sample the outstanding range of freshly caught seafood cooked and served up just for you.   

  • Interesting Places

    Some samples of what you can see and do during your next visit to the Chatham Islands. Click here for more information   

  • Cultural Treasures

    The Chatham Islands have a rich and unique cultural story to share with you, as they are the homelands of the Moriori people.   

  • Places to Stay

    There are a wide range of absolutely awesome accommodation providers on the Chatham Islands. Come and have a look.   

  •   Getting Here – The Chatham Islands

    There really is only one way for visitors to get to the Chatham Islands, and that’s with our very own home-grown airline: Air Chathams.   

  • Local Regions

    Check out what each of the regions has to offer. Tell your host what you want to see and do while you are visiting and then let them sort it out.